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How to Install an AMP® Landscape Lighting Kit

May 4, 2022August 12th, 2022No Comments

In this tutorial, learn how to install an AMP® landscape lighting kit. The landscape lighting complete kit has everything you need to get started and is easy to install!

Landscape lighting is a great addition to any client’s home for a few reasons. Low voltage landscape lighting improves curb appeal and provides safety by illuminating paths and walkways. Another important feature is that landscape lighting increases home security.

The amount and type of solid brass fixtures, LED landscape lights, and the transformer will vary depending on the type of kit. Expansion kits are also available for expanding an existing landscape lighting system.

Before you start, have a general understanding of landscape lighting basics, and have a landscape lighting installation plan for where you will place the LED light fixtures. Additionally, you will want to identify and mark places where there might be irrigation lines or existing cables.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Assemble Parts

Step 1: Assemble Parts

Start by opening the box and assembling the LED landscape light fixtures, wire hubs, and transformer. To install the light bulbs, unscrew the light fixtures’ lenses and push the bulbs into place. After that, attach the ground stakes to the bottoms of the light fixtures and wire hubs.

If your client does not want to install the landscape lighting transformer on the wall, you can install it on a transformer pedestal stake mount.

Light Plan

Step 2: Plan

Refer to the landscape lighting guide you made earlier for this step. When installing a low voltage transformer, position it near an electrical outlet and away from any plants that might block the light-sensing photocell timer.

The LED lighting fixtures come with 25 feet of lead wire for convenient use with the included junction hubs. Additional cable is also included for making longer wire runs or extensions if needed. The wire hubs should be no more than 100 feet from the transformer.

Setting the Lights

Step 3: Set the LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures

After placing the fixtures according to your landscape light layout, set the LED light fixtures by driving the stakes into the ground. Using the AMP® Foot Stomper makes this process a breeze. Once the light fixtures are secure in place, take the time to adjust the angles on the spotlights.

Run the Wires

Step 4: Run the Wires

Start by running the wires from light fixtures to the hub closest to them. After that, run the supply wires from the transformer to each wire hub.

Dig channels along the wires at least 4 inches deep to ensure they stay buried. Take advantage of multiple fixtures in line with a hub and dig one channel for the cables. If you have garden staples, they can be helpful by keeping wires down while burying them.

Connect Wires

Step 5: Connect the Wires

Insert the wires from the light fixtures into the wire hubs and trim off any excess cable.

Split the cable by pulling it apart 6 inches and strip both ends to expose half an inch of copper. In addition, twist each exposed copper end together to make a solid connection.

Then flip two opposing orange latches on the wire hub and insert one end of the stripped wire on either side. Afterward, flip the orange latches back down to secure the wire. Connect all fixtures to a wire hub and both hubs to the transformer.

Turn on, Test, and Adjust

Step 6: Turn on, Test, and Adjust

Now turn on the transformer and check that all lighting fixtures illuminate. If a light fixture does not turn on, check if the wire has a secure connection to the hub. However, if the problem persists, swap the bulb that you know works.

Don’t worry if the light fixture or bulb is damaged; give us a call, and we’ll get you a new one. Every kit comes with our lifetime warranty.

Enjoy the Lights

Step 7: Enjoy

Lastly, fine-tune the timer and beam angles; the client will enjoy coming home to a well-lit house.

Congratulations – you have installed a landscape lighting kit! If you have any questions about how to install a landscape lighting kit or about any AMP® products, please give us a call at (813) 978-3900.

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