ProEdge Rewards

How ProEdge Rewards Works*

You Earn ItYou Earn It

Every qualifying purchase counts towards your status. The more you spend, the higher your tier and corresponding store credit.

We Track ItWe Track It

We’ll keep track of your purchases during the fiscal quarter. Your AMP Specialist will periodically update you on your progress.

You Spend ItYou Spend It

Receive an AMP store credit at the end of the fiscal quarter to spend on anything your business needs. – bulbs, fixtures, transformers, accessories

Be sure to refer to the official Terms & Conditions for complete details and eligibility.


Qualify, unlock, and enjoy great benefits when you sign up.

Tier Status Qualifying Purchases Quarterly Benefits
During Each Quarter Store Credit %
Pro Platinum $50,000+ 7%
Pro Gold $40,000-$49,999 6%
Pro Silver $30,000-$39,999 5%
Pro Bronze $20,000-$29,999 4%
Pro Red $10,000-$19,999 3%
Pro $5,000-$9,999 1%
Tier Status Quarterly Benefits
Qualifying Purchases Store Credit %
Pro Platinum
Pro Gold
Pro Silver
Pro Bronze
Pro Red

Brighter Business. 
Better Rewards.

You’re committed to your craft. And we’re committed to you. We have built our business by establishing lasting relationships with contractors like you. ProEdge Rewards allows us to acknowledge and honor that relationship while helping your bottom line. 


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The More You Spend, the More You Earn. Save Time, save Money and get Rewarded!

*You may earn Store Credit (“Rewards”) on your Net Purchase Transactions, which is the amount of your purchase transactions for goods or services, less any purchase refunds. The amount of store credit will be determined by the spend threshold and the corresponding status. The accrued Rewards will be shown in the Store Credit section of your account, and the Rewards will be credited to your Account at the end of every fiscal quarter with a 90-day expiration period. Rewards may not be redeemed for cash or services. Exclusions apply. AMP customers that use the AMP military discount during the earning fiscal quarter are not eligible for the ProEdge Rewards program. Contractors and businesses in the Franchise Customer Groups are also not eligible for participation in the ProEdge Rewards programs.

The PROEDGE REWARDS Program may be changed, suspended, or terminated at any time without notice. Changes may include, among other things, modifying the number of purchases required to qualify for the various potential Rewards tiers, changing the Rewards percentages, imposing additional restrictions, or terminating the PROEDGE REWARDS Program, including outstanding Rewards credit and Store Credits. AMP® Lighting reserves the right to interpret PROEDGE REWARDS Program rules and policies in its sole discretion and will be the final authority on Rewards credits and Rewards qualifications.