AMP® Pro Junction Hub (Gen. 4)

This new easy-to-connect clamp-type hub junction box allows for fast, ultra-secure connections that can be re-configured after installation. The compact housing is designed for low-profile installation. Accepts up to 10 gauge cable. Patented (10,364,972). Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty.

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AMP® Pro Junction Hub

Using robust securely mounted terminal blocks, wires are inserted and secured without grease. Say goodbye to lost connectors and getting silicone grease on your hands. These connectors use aggressive clamps to secure individual wires. Wires can be connected or disconnected when needed.

The Hub Method of wiring consists of several lighting fixtures connected to a single junction. A wire then connects the junction to the transformer to supply the power. A lighting system may use several hubs - all connected to a single transformer.


  • Constructed of reinforced PVC for durability in the field - compact design allows for low-profile installation.
  • Terminal blocks mounted to underside of cap so connections are always above ground and protected from water intrusion - so no grease is needed.
  • Aggressive clamps make for super-secure connections that can not be pulled apart.
  • Includes PVC Stake for secure mounting in any soil type.
  • Wire openings in body plugged with rubber plugs to prevent insect intrusion.
  • Brass threading to accommodate mounting accessories.
  • Low-profile black color keeps this hub unobtrusive.
  • Accepts up to 10 gauge cable.
  • UL & cUL® Listed
  • Patented (10,364,972)
  • Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty (for both residential and commercial projects)
More Information
  • PVC
  • Black
  • Includes ground stake with cutout for wire exit
  • 10 gauge
  • 20 amps
  • UL & cUL® Listed