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Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental U.S

AMP®’s Patented Adjustable LED Lamps

May 12, 2023September 5th, 2023No Comments

When it comes to installing low-voltage LED landscape lighting, contractors are always looking for new and innovative ways to simplify processes, which can save time and money. AMP®’s latest, exclusive innovation helps simplify the ordering process as well as the design process.

Thanks to the engineers at AMP, two of the most commonly used lamps for 12V landscape lighting – MR16s and MR11s – are now offered with patented, adjustable beam spread technology.

What are Adjustable Beam Angle LED Lamps?

Adjustable beam angle LED lamps allow contractors to easily adjust beam spreads as needed to suit specific applications. These lamps feature manually rotatable lenses. With this extremely handy design feature, contractors can quickly adjust light output as needed to acquire the ideal spread of illumination on a desired landscape or architectural features.

For example, you may want to narrow the beam angle to focus illumination on a narrow palm tree, or widen it to illuminate a large tree canopy. Beam angle options include: 20º narrow, 40º flood, and 60º wide flood. With multiple beam spreads offered in one bulb, this helps eliminate the worry of wondering if you’ve purchased the correct beam spread for a particular application, and helps streamline the design process.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rotatable optic allows for manual adjustment of beam spread
  • Adjustable beam angle options: 20º Narrow, 40º flood, and 60º wide flood
  • Various LED wattages available (MR11 & MR16 versions available)
  • Various color temperatures available: 2700K (Warm White), 3000K (Cool White), and 4150K (Foliage Enhancing)
  • Energy-efficient LEDs – saves 85% energy cost compared to Halogen lamps
  • Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty
  • Patented (11,460,171)

AMP® is the industry leader in factory-direct landscape lighting. We provide exceptional customer support, free shipping from four fully-stocked warehouses across the U.S., and hassle-free lifetime warranties on our wide selection of professional-grade brass and copper fixtures, low voltage transformers, and LED bulbs.

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