AMP® Pro Sales Documents & Images



The following documents and images are meant to support your success as an AMP® Pro. Please call 813-978-3900 for questions or requests.


  • Guidelines & Agreement for use of VOLT® & AMP® Media
  • This form must be signed before using images or videos
  • Agreement & Release for Photo or Video Shoot (Long Form)(Short Form)
  • These forms are meant to provide you with a written agreement that defines the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in a landscape lighting photo shoot. They are written specifically for shoots done by VOLT Lighting, so go ahead and change VOLT to AMP if needed. Also, if this is just for a shoot you do with your client, then adjust the form accordingly. While these forms are written in legalese, do not assume you are fully covered legally unless you check with your lawyer.
  • Terms & Agreements for Authorized AMP® Professionals
  • Sets forth definitions, responsibilities, and policies that pertain to AMP® Professionals. 


All AMP Pros may use the following Authorized AMP Pro artwork. Use of web code is preferred - contact us to request this code

  • Authorized AMP Pro Logo (for dark backgrounds) - (eps, gif-500px)
  • Authorized AMP Pro Logo (for light backgrounds) - (eps, jpg-500px)

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AMP has created generic marketing materials to better assist our AMP Pros in selling projects to their customers. Below are generic one-pagers on Landscape Lighting. The one-pager includes benefits and applications of landscape lighting, as well as in-use and before/after images. All AMP Pros may use the following materials and insert their own logo and contact information.