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Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental U.S

Save Time & Money: Install with AMP PRO Tools

June 2, 2023No Comments

For a landscape lighting contractor, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are crucial elements in delivering outstanding results to clients. In this modern era, the availability of innovative tools has significantly transformed the landscape lighting industry, empowering contractors to streamline their operations, save time, and reduce expenses.

The engineers at AMP lighting have designed and built a variety of tools, wire connectors, and accessories that help with precision in design and planning, allow for efficient installation, and also simplify maintenance and troubleshooting.


Specialized landscape lighting tools such as hand trenchers and stake stompers and auger drill bits expedite the installation of wires and fixtures, ensuring swift project completion. Trenching tools are great for penetrating sod, hard soil, and dirt with rocks, making it easy to dig shallow trenches for installing low-voltage wire. Extended auger drill bits are ideal for running wire under sidewalks and also allow for easy installation of any ground stake by loosening tougher top soils before installing a fixture. For softer turfs where there’s no need for a starter hole, a foot stomper stake installer is designed to slip over the top of a ground stake and allows a contractor to simply stomp the stake into the ground without having to kneel down in the dirt.

For organized and professional wire management, tools like cable clips and conduit help keep wires secure, protected, and out of sight. The proper use of cable clips with stainless steel screws can also prevent wire from being harmed by tree overgrowth while also protecting the tree itself from being damage. For wire protection, durable PVC conduit provides protection against the most common types of damage from yard equipment such as edgers, weed whackers, and lawn mowers.

Other tools like voltage meters allow contractors to assess energy consumption accurately. By selecting the most efficient LED fixtures and optimizing the lighting layout, contractors can significantly reduce ongoing energy costs and ensure the longevity of a system for their clients.

Wire Connectors

AMP’s utility patented wire connectors and hubs help speed up and simplify any installation. Designed and engineered exclusively by AMP, these wire connectors are the easiest, quickest, and most flexible way to connect multiple landscape lighting wires. Using a robust system of clamp-type connectors, wires are securely inserted and can easily be connected or disconnected when needed. They also enable landscape lighting contractors to swiftly identify and resolve potential problems. Quick detection of wiring faults, transformer malfunctions, or damaged fixtures ensures efficient repairs, reducing both labor costs and project delays.

With professional low-voltage wire connectors at their disposal, contractors can effectively address any issues, preserving the longevity and performance of the lighting system which is essential to maintain client satisfaction.

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