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    AMP® Pro Deluxe Tool Bundle
    AMP® Pro Deluxe Tool Bundle

    This deluxe bundle includes all the essentials needed as an AMP Pro. Show clients the premium quality of AMP®'s cast brass fixtures and boost sales with our professional demo kit. Simplify installations and save time with our comprehensive set of pro-grade tools.

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  2. AMP® Wire Reel Stand
    AMP® Wire Reel Stand

    Introducing the AMP® Wire Reel Stand - the ultimate solution for professional contractors seeking efficiency, convenience, and organization in their wire installation projects. Designed with your needs in mind, this versatile wire reel stand revolutionizes the way you work, making wire pulling and management a breeze.

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  3. Flexible Auger Drill Bit 54"
    Flexible Auger Drill Bit 54"

    The flexible auger drill bit features a hole for guiding cable back through and getting wires under a sidewalk the easiest way possible without damaging the concrete. Fits most standard size power drills. 1-Year Warranty.

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  4. AMP® Portable Battery Pack
    AMP® Portable Battery Pack

    A compact and versatile battery pack designed to offer you unparalleled flexibility and convenience in testing individual fixtures or small limited runs up to 25W, making it an essential tool for any outdoor lighting professional.

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  5. AMP® Reusable Ground Marker Flag (25-Pack) AMP® Reusable Ground Marker Flag (25-Pack)
    AMP® Reusable Ground Marker Flag (25-Pack)

    Introducing the AMP® Reusable Ground Marker Flag (25-Pack) - the versatile solution for professional contractors seeking a durable and reusable marking system for their outdoor projects. These flags are designed to provide convenience, visibility, and reliability, making them essential tools for a wide range of applications.

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  6. Wire Stripper with Handle Lock
    Wire Stripper with Handle Lock

    Heavy duty wire strippers feature a handle lock and non-slip comfort grip for safety. AWG and metric wires sizes ensure you have the right tool every time. Heat treated steel pivot bushings and automatic spring return ensure construction quality. 1-Year Warranty.

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  7. Wire & Crimp Tool
    Wire & Crimp Tool

    Featuring a handle lock for closure and safety. Ergonomic comfort squeeze handle eases hand fatigue and provides non-slip grip. AWG and metric wire sizes ensure you will always have the right tool with you. Features crimp tool built right in. 1-Year Warranty.

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  8. ASI-9005_013_JPG.jpg
    AMP® LED Headlamp

    Heavy duty LED headlamp with all the features. Adjustable, durable design and its LED is bright and made to last. The convenient head strap allows you to keep your hands free while directing light where needed. 1-Year Warranty.

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  9. Digital Voltmeter
    Digital Voltmeter

    This Digital Voltmeter is extremely handy when it comes to determining whether the electrical characteristics of a fixture are in parameter. Use this as a measurement tool of voltage level. Optimizing your system to proper voltage levels at the fixture can maximize the efficiency and life of your low voltage landscape lighting system. 1-Year Warranty.

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  10. Tree Wire Management Kit
    Tree Wire Management Kit

    With 10 stainless steel screws, nylon spacers and zip ties, this kit enables you to prevent your cable from being harmed by tree overgrowth while also protecting the tree itself from being damaged. The UV resistant black zip ties provide a sleek; hidden look and also offer an eyelet for tree mounting. Lifetime Warranty.

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    AMP® Lens & Filter Binder

    The absolute best way to store and transport your lenses and filters. Without this binder, your valuable glass lenses and dichroic filters may be lost or damaged - especially when packed in boxes that contain other products.

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