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AMP® Lighting Releases Second Generation of ControlPro™ Spotlights

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Tampa, Florida | March 1, 2019

Factory-direct manufacturer of professional landscape lighting,, AMP® Lighting, has implemented a shift to single source technology with the latest release of its second generation ControlPro™ series.

Continuously working to improve and expand the brand, AMP’s® mission is to exceed the expectations of lighting professionals on a day-to-day basis. This latest innovation further illustrates how their team is leading the industry down a brighter path towards newer, better technologies in landscape lighting.


  • Solid brass with antique bronze finish
  • Integrated, single-source LED (interchangeable beam-spreads)
  • Adjustable light output (dimmable)
  • Fully-adjustable glare guard
  • Lifetime Warranty

The most notable improvement made to the second generation of ControlPro™ spotlights is the new, integrated CREE™ single-emitter diode. This single diode produces crisp, clear illumination with lumen outputs varying depending on the ControlPro™ model selected. Color temperatures are a soft, warm 2700K with a color rendering index of 80+; ideal for high-quality lighting in residential or commercial applications.

“Multi-source LEDs tend to have overlapping beams of lights, resulting in the appearance of faint overlapping shadows around the object being illuminated. Single source LEDs allow for a crisp light that will remain free of any potential overlapping shadows.”

– Michael Caselnova (Director of Product Development for AMP®)

To learn more about these new fixtures from AMP®, be sure to check the complete line of LED spotlights. AMP® also has a database of helpful information for selecting and properly installing low-voltage landscape lighting systems. Whether you’re a professional wanting to become an AMP® pro, or a homeowner looking to find an AMP® pro, AMPLighting.com offers the tools and resources necessary to accomplish your goals.