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Find an AMP® Pro

Find an AMP® Pro

Add Safety, Security & Beauty to Your Nighttime Landscape

AMP® Pros – A select group of landscape lighting professionals authorized to purchase and install the most durable and advanced lighting products.

As a homeowner or property maintenance professional, your lighting needs for nighttime safety and security can only be fully satisfied by a professional landscape lighting designer. Such a designer also provides illumination to beautify your property and extend your nighttime living space.

AMP® Lighting is the preferred choice among the best landscape lighting designers.

By hiring an authorized AMP® Pro, you can be assured that your landscape lighting system will perform perfectly year after year – we guarantee it.

Complete the form below and we will connect you with an AMP® Pro in your region.

Top Reasons to use an AMP® Pro

  • Makes your property safe and secure
  • Transforms your nighttime experience
  • Expands your living space
  • Installs the system so it will never fail
  • Gives you a lifetime warranty

Find an AMP ® Pro