AMP® Tree Strap Mounting Kit Brass

This tree mounting kit includes two nylon ratcheting straps and a sturdy brass mounting plate. Accommodates any brass AMP® spotlight with a threaded knuckle. Straps allow for fixture attachment to a tree without the use of screws that may harm the tree.

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    Tree Strap Mounting Kit Brass

    Kit includes sturdy brass mounting plate and two nylon ratcheting straps. Accommodates any brass spotlight with a threaded knuckle. This kit is a perfect alternative to the bulky fixture mounts and rings that require screwing into the tree directly. It provides an easy-install mounting device that can be adjusted to prevent damage to the tree throughout its lifespan.


    • Heavy-duty brass construction
    • No screws or hardware to damage the tree
    • Two 8 ft. straps fit trees up to 2.5 ft. in diameter
    • Straps are easily adjusted - can be loosened to allow for tree growth
    • Threaded mounting plate accommodates any brass AMP® fixture with threading
    • Lifetime Warranty for mounting plate
    • 1 Year Warranty for straps
    More Information
    • Brass
    • UV-Resistant Nylon
    • Lifetime
    • 1 Year
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