Help & FAQs


What is AMP® Lighting

AMP® Lighting designs, manufactures, and distributes the most advanced and durable pros on the market. Our focus is exceptional customer service for lighting professionals. We serve in many ways – easy ordering, fast shipping, hassle-free warranty protection, and provide uniquely effective sales and marketing tools. With AMP® Lighting, professionals can be more successful, more efficient, and have more freedom to "Paint the perfect picture"™ with precision and control.

How is AMP® Lighting different from other lighting manufacturers?

The distinguishing features of AMP® Lighting include: Product quality (solid cast brass, advanced integrated LEDs, remote controlled brightness, and changeable beam spreads); exceptional customer service (orders shipped same day, always in stock); exclusive support for landscape lighting pros (through the AMP® Pro program); and a commitment to the lighting profession that brings increasingly successful outcomes to lighting design pros and their customers.

Where can I buy AMP® Lighting products?

AMP® pros can only be purchased by authorized AMP® Pros. This ensures that our pros are only used in professional lighting designs and installed in ways that maximize system longevity and performance. Homeowners and other end users who want AMP® pros need to work with one of our authorized AMP® Pros.

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Lighting professionals who wish to gain access to AMP® pros go through a simple application process. The primary criteria is that the person be a responsible professional and have the skills and experience to undertake lighting designs and installations.

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Where do I find an AMP® Pro?

To find an AMP® Pro in your region, click here.

What if there are no AMP® Pros in my region?

If that is the case, we welcome your help to locate good candidates – perhaps someone you know and trust. Please contact us.


What are the qualifications to become an AMP® Pro?

The most important qualification is that the applicant be currently employed as a professional with the skills and experience to undertake landscape lighting design and installation. We may have other qualifications or exceptions that include education, skills, and experience – each application is judged on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a financial investment required to become an AMP® Pro?

No, there are no charges or fees associated with the AMP® Pro program.

What are the benefits to becoming an AMP® Pro?

Benefits include: Exclusive access to the exceptional AMP® Lighting pros, sales and marketing materials, and live technical and sales support. You also receive the benefits of AMP® Lighting’s 24/7 online ordering, same-day free shipping, lifetime warranties on all products*, and expedited replacement of items under warranty.

Are there ongoing sales or training requirements to retain my AMP® Pro status?

There are no sales requirements to retain your status as an AMP® Pro, but we periodically review the status of all AMP® Pros to ensure they still work (in good standing) as lighting professionals. We reserve the right to grant, withdraw, or renew AMP® Pro authorization at any time – on a case-by-case basis. While we do encourage and provide ongoing training, we do not make this a requirement..

Will I be the only AMP® Pro in my region?

We do not grant exclusive territories to AMP® Pros. We believe in a free competitive market that empowers consumers to select their contractors based on the merits. When consumers ask us to help them locate AMP® Pros, our referrals are entirely based on distance. It is up to you to demonstrate your qualifications to your prospective clients.