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AMP Pro Sales Support

Sales & Marketing Resources for the AMP® Pro

Note: Some resources are only visible when logged-in (see link in upper right corner). If you are interested in these resources or in becoming an authorized AMP® Pro, please submit an application or contact us at 813.978.3900 or email.

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    AMP® Lens & Filter Binder

    The absolute best way to store and transport your lenses and filters. Without this binder, your valuable glass lenses and dichroic filters may be lost or damaged - especially when packed in boxes that contain other products.

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  2. AMP® Spare Parts Kit
    AMP® Spare Parts Kit

    The AMP® spare parts kit includes AMP® fixture components that may be lost or misplaced during or after installation. Having this parts kit on hand can be a great time-saver.

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    AMP® Landscape Lighting Drawing Pad

    This 50-page drawing template can be used for design layouts. It has a form portion with space for project details.

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  4. AMP® Landscape Lighting Drawing Template
    AMP® Landscape Lighting Drawing Template

    This sturdy drawing template contains cutouts of AMP® Lighting fixtures, common landscape features, and beam angle markings - to be used for design drawings.

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    AMP® ONE Working Sales Kit (Mini) - Ver2

    This compact sales kit is designed to fill the need for an in-person sample kit to demonstrate the features and benefits of AMP® ONE fixtures.

    It contains one G2 ControlPro 500 LED Spotlight, the Design-Master Remote Control, and a battery with recharger.

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