AMP® Downloadable Landscape Lighting Goal Setting Form (PDF)

This downloadable PDF form is designed for AMP Pros to define and describe project goals and strategies to achieve those goals.

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This is the PDF downloadable version of the AMP® Goal Setting Form.

Lighting projects are best accomplished by using a disciplined project management process. The first part of that process is to define project goals. The second part is to outline strategies to achieve those goals.

The form is meant to be used for a single goal. For multiple goals, save a new instance of the form for each goal. A typical lighting project may have several goals.

For example, common broad goals are safety, security, beauty, lifestyle, and energy efficiency. More specific goals might include compliance with Dark Sky ordinance, replace existing system, or add lighting to garage entrance.

Downloading Instructions: Click on the link below to download the form. Your computer may give you a warning because pdf files may contain viruses. You can ignore this warning, and continue the download. Save the form on your computer.

Using the Form: The document was created as a PDF form. You will need a recent version of Adobe Reader to open and use the form.

When you are ready to enter data on the form, open the blank form then save it using a distinct name. We suggest creating a folder for each client to store completed forms. Include in the file names the client, project, goal, and date. For example: jones-backyard-security-10-6-16.pdf.

Customizing the Form Template: You can customize the template to add your logo, contact information, or any other change or addition. To do this, you will need to use Adobe Pro software.

Goal Setting Reference: Working With Your AMP Pro: Setting Goals. This article, aimed at your prospective clients, encourages them to work with you to ensure their goals and your goals are aligned.

Download the AMP® Goal Setting Form

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