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LED Downlights

Light Source

Control Capability


Light Source

Control Capability

Paint the Perfect PictureTM With AMP® ONE TechnologyTM

AMP® ONE TechnologyTM is a powerful (yet simple) way to adjust light levels and beam angles after installation. The technology includes both remote dimming and changeable optics. Paint the perfect picture with AMP® ONE.




Find the Perfect Level to Mimic Moonlight!

Light Level Adjustment by Remote Control

One of the biggest challenges with mounting lights in trees is adjusting them after installation. With the AMP® ONE ControlPro™ LED Downlight, the designer simply aims the Design-Master™ Remote Control at the fixture and presses the buttons to adjust the light level.*

Adjusting Beam Spread in the Field

Using the proper beam spread is especially critical for tree-lighting applications. The fixture is strategically positioned so its beam projects through branches and illuminates (with dappled light) the targeted region of the ground. If the beam is too wide then there may be a problem with direct glare for people on the ground. If the beam is too narrow then light appears less natural and may spoil the moonlighting effect.

With the AMP® ONE Downlight, designers select among two beam angles by swapping out replaceable optics. The exceptional quality of these lenses creates beams with even distribution, diffuse edges, and an absence of distracting reflections or distortions of the light.

*Note: The AMP® ONE Design-Master™ Remote Control has a limited range so the installer needs to position the remote control within a few feet from the face of the fixture. Also note, this same fixture is available without the remote control feature - for those applications where remote light level control is not needed.




Simple Remote Control to Adjust Light Level

Fine-tune the brightness of each fixture to achieve perfect levels of illumination.*

  • Wireless remote
  • No programming
  • Pre-set levels and fine-tuning
  • Empowers the designer

Using a proprietary Infrared dimming technology, AMP® One light levels can be adjusted for each fixture independently. With a simple-to-use wireless remote, the designer can either jump to pre-set levels or fine-tune light levels with great accuracy

* Only applies to "Dimmable" lights.




Select Beam Angles in the Field

One fixture – 2 beam angles (35º and 60º) using optical elements that are quickly and easily replaced. Both optics are included with the fixture (60º installed, 35º in the box).

  • Easy-to-replace lenses
  • Exceptional optical performance
  • No special tools required

AMP® replaceable optical lenses are precisely engineered to produce light beams of exceptional quality – evenly dispersed light distribution, soft edges, and beams free of distortions, reflections, and aberrations.

You get the advantage of superior integrated LED technology with the benefit of changing beam spreads – extraordinary flexibility for the landscape lighting designer.