AMP® PinnaclePro MR16 Downlight (Lamp-Ready)

Highly adjustable, durable, lamp-ready fixture designed specifically for downlighting. It includes several features that prevent water damage and 40' of wire for simple, easy, and clean installation.

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AMP® PinnaclePro Downlight (Lamp-Ready)

The PinnaclePro Downlight is a low voltage, professional-grade lamp-ready landscape light designed specifically for downlighting or moonlighting applications.

The AMP® PinnaclePro Downlight accepts halogen or LED MR16 lamps. It has several innovative features that prevent water from entering the luminaire. Its 40' lead wire allows for simple, easy, and clean wire splicing no matter how high you install the fixture. Its robust knuckle with 42 locking teeth ensure your fixture stays fixed in its intended position for years to come. Backed by the AMP® Lifetime Warranty.

Applications include mounting the fixture in trees for a moonlighting effect and mounting under eaves or gutters to provide a wash light on architectural surfaces, pathways, and plant material. The fixture is also ideal for downlighting from beams in gazebos, pergolas and arbors.


  • Solid cast brass construction for maximum durability & longevity.
  • Pre-aged bronze finish that will naturally patina with age.
  • Also available in black.
  • 360° weep holes surround the lens/shroud to allow any potential water to drain.
  • Heavy-duty adjustable knuckle and adjustable glare guard allow for precision aiming.
  • Beryllium copper socket allows for more corrosion-resistance than copper.
  • Silicone plug at lead wire exit prevents moisture and insects from entering luminaire through the stem.
  • Extra-long (1”) strip-resistant threading and solid brass locknut provide superior mounting stability.
  • Matching surface mount included.
  • Designed for use with LED MR16 lamps.
  • 40’ 18AWG lead wire
  • Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty (for both residential and commercial projects)
  • UL & cUL® Listed
More Information
  • Cast Brass
  • Antique Bronze
  • 40' UL certified 18AWG, SPT-1 premium tinned copper wire
  • Clear flat glass with surrounding 360° weep holes
  • Brass surface mount included (others sold separately)
  • MR16 (not included)
  • See specs for MR16 lamps
  • AMP® Low Voltage Transformer (sold separately)
  • UL & cUL Listed
  • Lifetime