AMP® Mini PinnaclePro MR11 Black Spotlight (Lamp-Ready)

Versatile and adaptable, this spotlight is perfect for a wide range of applications, including architectural lighting, landscape design, and highlighting artwork or signage. Its sleek design seamlessly integrates into residential and commercial environments alike, making it a versatile choice for homeowners, designers, and lighting professionals.

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AMP® Mini PinnaclePro MR11 Black Spotlight (Lamp-Ready)

Illuminate your surroundings with the AMP® Mini PinnaclePro MR11 Black Spotlight, the epitome of performance and style. Crafted with solid brass construction and a modern black powder-coating finish, this spotlight combines durability with an elegant aesthetic that seamlessly blends into any setting.

Designed to withstand the elements, this spotlight boasts a moisture-tight construction that ensures reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. Rain or shine, your lighting remains flawless, adding a touch of brilliance to every scene.

Featuring an adjustable glare guard and an adjustable knuckle, the Mini PinnaclePro offers unparalleled precision-aiming capabilities. Tailor the lighting angle with utmost accuracy, directing the spotlight exactly where you want it, creating captivating displays and emphasizing key features effortlessly.


  • Solid cast brass construction
  • Durable black powder-coating finish
  • Fully adjustable glare guard and knuckle allow for precision-aiming.
  • Designed for use with LED MR11 lamps.
  • 4’ 18AWG lead wire
  • Beryllium copper socket offers more corrosion resistance than copper.
  • Silicone plug at lead wire exit prevents ground-moisture and insects from entering luminaire through stem.
  • Extra-long strip-resistant threading and solid brass locknut provide superior mounting stability.
  • 9” PVC Stake included
  • (1) 5mm allen key included for adjustable knuckle
  • UL & cUL® Listed
  • Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty (for both residential and commercial projects).
More Information
  • Brass
  • Black
  • 4' UL certified 18AWG premium copper wire
  • Clear flat glass
  • Includes 9" stake with cutout for wire exit
  • Entire Fixture: 7.25" x 1.75" Stake: 9" x 2"
    • LED MR-11 (sold separately)
    • See specs for MR-11 lamps
    • See specs for MR-11 lamps
    • See specs for MR-11 lamps
    • See specs for MR-11 lamps
  • UL & cUL Listed
  • Lifetime
    • See specs for MR-11 lamps
    • AMP® Low Voltage Transformer (sold separately)
  • Directed upwards only