AMP® BulletPro Mini MR8 Spotlight (Lamp-Ready)

Designed to accept LED MR8 lamps. (For professionals who prefer to use fixtures with replaceable lamps.)

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AMP® BulletPro Mini MR8 Spotlight (Lamp-Ready)

Compact and durable, this professional-grade solid cast brass landscape lighting spotlight uses an AMP® MR8 LED bulb. This fixture is ideal for niche applications such as garden lighting, illuminating statuary or small architectural or landscape features.


  • Cast brass construction for long-term durability and beauty.
  • The body is a twist-and-lock design and utilizes an o-ring for the ultimate moisture tight design.
  • Beryllium copper socket - more corrosion resistant than copper.
  • Socket and machine body are pre-greased for smooth operation and moisture protection.
  • Accepts LED or halogen MR8 lamps.
  • Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty (for both residential and commercial projects).
More Information
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • 4' UL certified 18AWG premium tinned copper wire
  • Clear flat glass
  • Includes 9" stake with cutout for wire exit
  • Entire Fixture: 3.4" x 1.4" Stake: 9" x 2"
    • LED MR-8 (sold separately)
    • See specs for MR-8 lamps
    • See specs for MR-8 lamps
    • See specs for MR-8 lamps
    • See specs for MR-8 lamps
  • Lifetime
    • See specs for MR-8 lamps
    • AMP® Low Voltage Transformer (sold separately)
  • Directed upwards only