AMP® Brass Trim Ring (Bronze)

The AMP® engraved trim ring is designed to give fixtures a beautiful, refined look. Simply thread right on any AMP® fixtures with 1/2" NPSM threaded stems. Constructed of the same high quality solid brass as AMP® fixtures.

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AMP® Brass Trim Ring (Bronze)

Our solid brass AMP® engraved trim ring attaches directly on the threaded stems of any AMP® fixture with 1/2" NPSM threading. This easy to install ring adds the ultimate brass finish to your brass fixture, giving an elegant decorative touch. Add a refined look to your professional, refined brass fixtures.


  • Solid cast brass trim ring
  • Adds a beautiful aesthetic to your fixture.
  • Designed to be installed above the included brass lock nuts.
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  • Cast Brass
  • Lifetime