AMP® Pro Deluxe Tool Bundle

This deluxe bundle includes all the essentials needed as an AMP Pro. Show clients the premium quality of AMP®'s cast brass fixtures and boost sales with our professional demo kit. Simplify installations and save time with our comprehensive set of pro-grade tools.

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    AMP® Pro Deluxe Tool Bundle

    This comprehensive kit includes everything an AMP® Pro needs to get the job done. Let clients experience the commercial grade quality of AMP®’s cast brass fixtures and boost sales and engagement with our professional demo kit. Once you’ve landed the sale, simplify lighting projects using our highest-quality tools designed to save time and make installations easier.

    Kit Includes:

    (1) AMP® Professional Landscape Lighting Sales Kit

    • Features (1) MagnumPro™ Path & Area Light, (1) PinnaclePro MR16 Spotlight, (1) HydraPro™ MR16 In-Grade Light, (1) Deck-Design Pro™ Classic, (1) 6" Soft-Wash Pro™ Rotatable/Pivoting Hardscape Light, (1) Adjustable Beam Angle MR16 LED Bulb (5W, 2700K), (1) G4 LED Bi-Pin Bulb (3W, 2700K) all in a professional aluminum case for convenient carrying and storage.

    (1) AMP® Wire Reel Stand

    • Constructed with durable steel, this wire reel stand offers exceptional strength and longevity to withstand the rigors of demanding job sites. Its sturdy construction provides a stable platform for wire pulling, reducing the risk of tangles, snags, and disruptions during installations. Can fit (3) small wire spools (16AWG and 14AWG 100’ and 250’) on top bar and (1) large (12AWG and 10AWG 250’ and 500’) and (1) small spool on the bottom bar.

    (1) AMP® Foot Stomper Stake Installer

    • Designed to save time and labor for landscape lighting installers, this steel stake stomper allows installers to insert ground stakes with ease while standing up.

    (1) AMP® 54” Auger Drill Bit

    • The flexible auger drill bit features a hole for guiding cable back through and getting those wires under your sidewalk the easiest way possible without damaging the concrete.

    (1) AMP® 29” Auger Drill Bit

    • The ground stake auger allows for easy installation of any ground stake. Features a yellow tip for easy measuring guidance. Designed to fit most standard-size power drills.

    (1) AMP® Portable Battery Pack

    • A compact and versatile battery pack designed to offer you unparalleled flexibility and convenience in testing individual fixtures or small limited runs up to 25W, making it an essential tool for any outdoor lighting professional.

    (1) AMP® Reusable Ground Marker Flags (25-Pack)

    • Plot locations for fixture placement, mark pathways for wire runs, identify important underground lines, or designate specific areas, these flags offer exceptional visibility with a 20” steel post and a noticeable size that will help streamline your project workflow.

    (1) AMP® 32 oz. Rubber Mallet

    • The 32 oz. weight ensures you have optimal force to drive stakes firmly into the ground, while the 2 ¼” head provides a wide striking surface for precise and accurate hits. The diamond tread pattern on the handle offers a secure and non-slip grip.

    (1) AMP® Digital Voltmeter

    • An essential tool for ensuring your client’s fixture meets electrical standards. Use it to measure voltage levels directly, optimizing your client’s system and maximizing efficiency and longevity.

    (1) AMP® Wire Stripper with Handle Lock

    • Heavy duty wire strippers feature a handle lock and non-slip comfort grip for safety. AWG and metric wires sizes ensure you have the right tool every time.
    More Information
    • Aluminum
    • Cast Brass
    • Lifetime (Fixtures), 1 Year (Accessories)