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  1. Ring Outdoor Smart Plug Kit
    Ring Outdoor Smart Plug Kit

    Introducing the Ring Plug Kit, the ultimate solution to elevate your outdoor lighting experience. With this innovative kit, you can effortlessly transform any AMP landscape lighting system into a smart lighting system, putting control at your fingertips.

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  2. Ring Smart Lighting Bridge
    Ring Bridge

    Through smart technology, the Ring Smart Lighting Bridge acts as your hub to let you control your AMP® landscape lighting system through the Ring app on your phone or tablet, or through your Alexa-enabled devices for the ultimate safety and security.

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  3. Ring Outdoor Smart Plug
    Ring Outdoor Smart Plug

    Embrace the future of outdoor automation and elevate your outdoor space with the Ring Outdoor Smart Plug. Effortlessly control your outdoor devices, enhance security, and create the perfect outdoor atmosphere with a touch of modern innovation.

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  4. New
    Ring Smart Outdoor Motion Sensor - available in black or white.
    Ring Smart Outdoor Motion Sensor

    Give your clients peace of mind with the Ring Smart Outdoor Motion Sensor. Designed to seamlessly connect to the Ring Bridge and Ring Outdoor Smart Plug (both required) and integrate with Ring devices, this motion sensor automatically activates your clients’ AMP® landscape lighting systems whenever motion is detected.

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  5. AMP® Timer & Photocell Combo for Slim Line Transformers
    AMP® Timer & Photocell Combo for Slim Line Transformers

    Designed for ease of operation, the timer/photocell combo features a simple dial with extra-large labels - no programming required. The user simply plugs in the timer and photocell then turns the dial to the desired setting. Available settings include Dusk-to-Dawn, time durations after dusk, On, and Off. For use with our Slim Line Transformer series only.

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  6. AMP® G3 Astronomic Digital Timer
    AMP® G3 Astronomic Digital Timer

    This updated version of our astronomic digital timer makes programming easy by using clients’ state rather than broad geographic regions when determining dusk/dawn times. Featuring Daylight Savings Time functionality and a variable on/off setting option for security, clients will never have to adjust their timer settings again.

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  7. AMP® Heavy-Duty Mechanical Timer
    AMP® Heavy-Duty Mechanical Timer

    Heavy-duty mechanical timer for automated control of your outdoor lighting system!

    Use this timer to set ON/OFF times for your AMP® Multi-tap transformer. Fits neatly inside the transformer weatherproof cabinet and plugs directly into the timer receptacle. Use alone or combine with a photocell.

    1-Year Warranty

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  8. Photocell w/Swivel Mounts to Transformer
    Photocell w/Swivel Mounts to Transformer

    Automate your landscape lighting system with this simple solution. Our photocell mounts onto a transformer and plugs into the transformer photocell port. Swivel mounted for proper aiming. The photocell automates your system to automatically turn off your lights during the day and turn them on as the sun sets.

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  9. Photocell Extension Cord (10ft.)
    Photocell Extension Cord (10ft.)

    10' photocell extension cord. Plug and play design for easy installation. Includes heat shrink tubing for both ends - prevents water/moisture intrusion. Note: this is the extension cord ONLY; photocell sold separately. 1-Year Warranty.

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  10. AMP® 10ft Photocell Extension Kit
    AMP® 10ft Photocell Extension Kit

    10' Extension Kit for use with the AMP® Timer & Photocell Combo. New and improved design minimizes light interference. Fits directly into the timer & photocell combo and allows for indoor or remote location installation of your transformer.

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  11. AMP® Mechanical Timer for Slim Line Transformers
    AMP® Mechanical Timer for Slim Line Transformers

    This timer is an essential energy-saving timer for your low voltage landscape lighting system. This unit plugs directly our AMP® Slim Line Transformers and gives you ease of light system control. Automatically turns your low voltage lighting system ON and OFF.

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  12. AMP® Transformer Stake 39" Stainless Steel
    AMP® Transformer Stake 39" Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel Ground Stake for Transformers up to 600W

    Fits AMP® Transformers up to 600W (does not include the AMP® 600W Dual Circuit Transformer). The stainless-steel transformer ground stake prevents from having to mount a transformer onto a flat surface. Now, you can protect your home while safely and properly mounting your transformer.

    Lifetime Warranty

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