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2 Inch Optic | 3-Lens | Wide 60 Degree

Interchangeable precision polycarbonate optic for our 2-inch 3-chip integrated LED fixtures. Wide 60 degree beam angle for a variety of applications needing a medium size beam. 

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2-Inch Optic | 3-Lens | Wide 60 Degree

Interchangeable polycarbonate optic for our 3-inch 6-chip integrated LED fixtures. Easy to install and interchange with other optics in the field. The Wide 60 degree spread is ideal for all applications that need a wide beam. Typical applications include walls, other large architectural features, and tall trees.

Made to fit:

AMP® SubterraPro2

ControlPro 300

AMP® InsetPro series.


Made from precision moulded polycarbonate

60 degree wide beam spread

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