Large SCB LED Lamp (4W, 3000K, Omnidirectional) (35w Equivalent)

Omnidirectional LED SCB (single contact bayonet base) lamp (3000K, 4 Watts). This is the cooler color temperature version of the two SCB lamps. Fully enclosed in a semi-opaque capsule, this lamp delivers an evenly dispersed, soft edged illumination.
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Large SCB LED (35w Equivalent) 3000K - 4 Watts

The larger size LED SCB fits small fixtures that take an SCB (single contact bayonet base) lamp. This LED light bulb is specifically designed for outdoor low voltage landscape lighting. Fully enclosed with milky lens keeps moisture away from the LEDs and diffuses the light source. Great for applications where you need low level lighting from a landscape light.


Replaces 35 watt Halogen BiPin SCB


425 Lumens

4 Watt consumption

Input Voltage: 6-18VAC 50/60Hz AC-with decreased lumens under 10V

3000K (Warm White)

40,000 hour life

Lifetime Warranty (Residential), 10 Years (Commercial)

More Information
Wattage & LumensLED-35
  • 4 Watts
  • 425 Lumens
  • 3000K (Warm White - slightly cooler than 2700K)
  • 40
Color Temperature/RGBCW3000K (Soft White)