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Extending the Backyard Paradise

Extending the Backyard Paradise

Spanish-style homes typically connect inside and outside spaces so family and friends can gather. This stucco home in Davis Island, Florida inherits that feeling with its french doors opening onto the outdoor promenade and backyard pool.

Using a combination of ceiling-mounted downlights and stake-mounted uplights, the lighting designer creates a seamless illumination that invites the occupants to use the entire recreational space.

Note that light levels are carefully controlled to ensure sufficient illumination for safe navigation around the pool, but the origin of that light is unnoticed by the visitor. In fact, the lighting is so subtle and natural, that the concept of "lighting" does not enter ones mind.  

Design by Rick Bequette (AMP® Pro), Brilliant Nights, Tampa, FL


AMP® products to achieve these effects

  • AMP® AccentPro MR16 Spotlight (Lamp-Ready)

    Designed for LED MR16 lamps, brass, adjustable glare guard, lifetime warranty.