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Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental U.S

AMP® Lighting Launches New Low Voltage LED Deck Lights

June 16, 2020May 12th, 2022No Comments

AMP® Lighting, manufacturer and distributor of professional landscape lighting products, announced the release of two versions of its popular Deck-Design Pro™ Deck Lights – integrated LED and non-integrated (lamp-ready). Lighting designers usually favor one type over the other. By offering both versions, AMP® Lighting gives professionals the option to choose their favored type.

Experts agree there are advantages and disadvantages of the two main LED fixture types: integrated and non-integrated. Integrated refers to a configuration where the LED chips and driver are mounted on circuit boards attached to the fixture body. Non-integrated describes a fixture that contains a traditional socket and accepts an LED bulb.

Differences between integrated and non-integrated:

Integrated LED

  • Faster installation since there’s no need to insert a bulb.
  • Better transfer of heat from the LED chip to the outside of the fixture contributing to a longer life (if compared to certain LED bulbs).

Non-Integrated (with replaceable LED bulb)

  • More flexibility in selecting beam angles and color temperatures.
  • In event of a failure, easier to replace a bulb than to replace the entire fixture (note: failures for both types are rare).

Steve Parrott, Communication Director, remarks on these differences, “When it comes to AMP® fixtures, both integrated and non-integrated represent true lifetime choices – we stand behind both. This was not the case a few years ago when experts advised against using replaceable LED bulbs. They were rightly concerned that these bulbs would overheat in enclosed fixtures. In fact, there were many premature failures of LED bulbs at that time. This continues to be a problem for those manufacturers who produce inferior LED bulbs that may be susceptible to overheating.”

Parrott continues, “With AMP Lighting, we made a commitment to using only the best LED chips in both our integrated LED fixtures and in our replaceable LED bulbs. For this reason, we are confident that overheating will never be an issue for our fixtures.”

Finally, the company points out that since all fixtures carry lifetime warranties, designers need not be concerned about premature failure of either fixture type.

Interested parties may view details on the new AMP® Lighting Deck Lights on the company website.

Since only Authorized AMP® Professionals may purchase the products, interested homeowners or businesses are asked to fill out the “Find an AMP® Pro” form or to speak to a Customer Service representative at 813.978.3900.

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