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Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental U.S

AMP® Wins Award at The Landscape Show 2019

June 16, 2020December 9th, 2022No Comments

Thanks to the engineering team at AMP® Lighting, the new Solarium Solar Spotlight -one of the industry’s first solid brass, solar-powered spotlights- won the “Cool Product Award” at The Landscape Show 2019.

A handful of industry buyers scoured the trade show floor in search of noteworthy stand-outs at the industry event, which took place September 19-21 at the Orange County Convention Center. AMP’s® solid brass solar light immediately stood out amongst the competition.

Check out the AMP® Solarium Spotlight and see for yourself what all the hype is about. Also, be sure to read the tips below from one of our industry professionals on how the solar spotlight can be most effective at offering beautiful, solar-powered illumination for your project(s).

Installation Tips:

1.) Highlight Specific Features – Solar spotlights are generally not designed to illuminate wide open areas or large features. While the beauty of outdoor solar lighting is that you can move it around easily to experiment, keep in mind the subtle level of light output and work to target specific landscape or architectural features; smaller trees/shrubs or, exterior walls on smaller or averaged sized homes.

2.) Avoid Obstructions – Be careful about where you place the lights; try not to place any fixtures where they may interfere with yardwork. Likewise, placing the units too close to a driveway could result in lighting being run over by vehicles. Make sure the units are visible enough in daylight and placed where they won’t be tripped over or run over.

3.) Maximize Available Sunlight – One vital thing to remember when installing outdoor solar lighting is that the units will need direct exposure to sunlight. This means placing them where they will absorb the maximum hours of sunlight each day. Make sure that branches and overhangs don’t shade the solar panels on the fixtures.

4.) Adjust the Solar Panel – When installing solar outdoor lighting, properly adjusting the solar panel is just as important as proper placement. You’ll need to angle the panel so that it receives ample sunlight for proper charging.

5.) Charging Before Installing – Make sure you fully charge outdoor solar lights before you install them. It’s best to charge them for a full 24 hours prior to use. To do this, the fixture must be “ON.” When you receive it, it will be “OFF.” Push the “ON” button on the back of the fixture once. Most of the time, if you cover the solar panel for a while, there will be enough charge for the fixture to light up to ensure it is “ON.”

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