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AMP® Lighting Launches New Pro Micro-Junction Direct Burial Hub Connector

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New from AMP®:  The Pro Micro-Junction™ Direct Burial Hub Connector

Landscape lighting installers use numerous types of wire connectors. Among them, the hub type is important. Hub connectors allow the installer to connect several lighting fixtures into a single junction. From that junction the connection is made to the main power supply (low voltage transformer).

There are several types of hub connectors. Most use twist-on wire connectors. These involve twisting several wires together then inserting them into the silicone-filled connector. This type of connector is very hard on the hands, is messy, and can be pulled apart when used in the landscape.

The AMP® Pro Micro-Junction™ addresses these problems by its unique construction and design. It is a compact unit with a bank of industrial clamps - one clamp per wire. You can insert up to 5 wires into the connector (up to 12 AWG) - each one securely clamped in place. These are extremely aggressive connections. They will not pull apart no matter how strongly pulled.

To use the connector, insert the wires one at a time - clamping each one down, uncap the silicone compartment, then close the container. Silicone grease fills the space around the wires and makes for a waterproof connector.

Why would you use this connector instead of other hub connectors? This connector is the best choice when making hub connections that don't need to be accessible, or that must be buried, or when installation time needs to be reduced. They are secure, easy-to-use, fast, and economical.

View AMP® Pro Micro-Junction™ Direct Burial Connector.