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AMP® 600W (2 x 300W) Dual Circuit Transformer

Dual circuit 600W transformer has two timer and photocell slots. Ideal for running two independently-controlled 300W landscape lighting systems from one transformer.

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AMP® 600W (2 x 300W) Dual Circuit Transformer

This dual circuit, 600 watt transformer has two timer & photocell slots and is ideal for running two independently controlled landscape lighting systems. This feature is ideal for homes and properties that have multiple lighting zones or security lighting. It features clamp-type terminal blocks that offer many advantages over typical screw-type blocks. Requiring no tools, the stripped wires are inserted individually into each hole, then clamped in place. The process is fast, simple, and provides extremely secure connections - you can't pull them loose. Includes 24" of 3/4 inch PVC conduit.

Installation Tips:

(1) To ensure a proper connection, lift the white lever to the fully open position. This is achieved once the lever is perpendicular to the direction the wire is inserted. Once the wire is fully inserted into the hole below the open lever, push the white lever back down until it clicks into the closed position. Make sure your connection is complete by giving a light pull on the connected wire.

(2) Install on circuit two first as this will prevent wires from being in the way as you add to your landscape lighting system.


  • New Clamp Connect Terminals - No Tools required for a quick, solid connection.
  • (2) 300W dual circuits - two transformers in one housing.
  • Create two lighting zones/systems on one property or run security lighting throughout the night after standard lighting shuts off with the use of one transformer.
  • Highly efficient toroidal core – runs cooler, generates less noise, with less voltage loss under load.
  • 12v and 15v taps compensate for voltage loss across a range of applications.
  • Terminals rated for use of up to 10-gauge wire.
  • Two photocell & timer receptacles for a variety of control scenarios on each circuit.
  • Stainless steel body with hinged lid.
  • Magnetic circuit breakers; auto-reset integrated thermal breaker (in core).
  • Color-coded wire markers, system record form, and installation manual included.
  • 60" 18 AWG SJTW cord and plug set.
  • ETL® Listed for safe operation and to comply with UL standards and electrical codes.
  • Listed for both indoor and outdoor use.

*NO WARRANTY: This fixture is not backed by our standard AMP® warranty as it is a limited time only, discontinued clearance item.

For Your Information: Transformer Technology

Magnetic Transformers. There are two types. These vary by the type of core:

  1. Laminated/stacked cores (also know as EI type). Laminated or stacked windings have sheets wrapped in copper wire that are then stacked or laminated together to make a core. This is the more common, less expensive method for manufacturing a core. These are less efficient, run hotter and are noisier than toroidal cores.
  2. Toroidal cores. These are one solid unit shaped like a donut and have the windings wrapped around the donut, in and out of the donut hole. Toroidal cores are more efficient, experience less buzz, and run cooler but are more expensive to make.

What are Electronic Transformers?

This transformer type converts the 120-volt current to 12 volts by first increasing the frequency of the current (from 60 Hz to as high as 20,000 Hz). The increased frequency allows the use of a miniature core enabling the transformer to be very small, light, and inexpensive. The biggest downside is that their high-frequency current may not be compatible with LED circuits. These currents also suffer from extensive voltage loss compared to magnetic types. A 12-volt electronic transformer must be positioned within about 10 ft. of the fixture. Electronic transformers are also subject to overheating and premature failure.

More Information
  • Non-brushed 304 stainless steel with removable cover
  • Stainless Steel
  • 60″ black 18 AWG SJTW cord and plug set
  • (2) 300W
  • 120V
  • 12V and 15V
  • Up to 10-gauge wire
  • Secondary: (1) 25A Magnetic Circuit Breakers; Primary: Automatic (auto reset) Thermal Breaker in core
  • ETL® Listed; Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • 20″ height x 7″ width x 5.25″ depth
  • 31 lbs
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