AMP® Ring-Enabled 300W Slim Line LED Transformer Smart Kit

Transform any AMP landscape lighting system into a complete smart system. Convenient pre-bundled package.


  • Ring Smart Lighting Bridge
  • Ring Outdoor Smart Plug
  • 300W Slim Line LED Transformer
  • 24" Length 3/4 Inch PVC Conduit for Transformers


  • Connect your AMP® landscape lighting system to the Ring app or Alexa-enabled device with the Ring Smart Lighting Bridge
  • Customize settings or turn lights on or off through the Ring app
  • Power two existing devices together or independently through the Ring app.
  • Only one (1) Ring Bridge needed per household

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    AMP® Ring-Enabled 300W Slim Line LED Transformer Smart Kit

    Take advantage of the intelligent features of this kit to maximize energy efficiency. With easy monitoring and control of your lights, you can avoid unnecessary energy consumption and reduce your environmental footprint. Make informed decisions about when and how your lights operate, ensuring they are always working to enhance the beauty and security of your outdoor space.

    Kit Includes:

    • (1) Ring Outdoor Smart Plug
    • Allows you to remotely take control of your AMP® Transformer through the Ring app or Alexa-enabled devices when paired with the Ring Smart Lighting Bridge.

    • (1) Ring Smart Lighting Bridge
    • Seamlessly connects your Ring Outdoor Smart Plug to the Ring app or Alexa-enabled devices.

    • (1) 300W Slim Line LED Transformer
    • Designed for simplicity, it features a toroidal core for reliable, efficient, cooler, and quieter operation and has clamp-type connectors for fast, easy, and secure connections (accepts up to 12-gauge wire). It has a low-profile, stainless-steel housing for easy mounting, concealment, and durability.

    • (1) 3/4" PVC Conduit
    • Pre-cut PVC conduit to protect the wires coming from the bottom of your transformer, and to give you that clean, organized, & professional look.

    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Fixtures, Bulbs, and Transformers are backed by a Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty.

    More Information
    • Non-brushed 304 stainless steel with removable cover
    • Stainless Steel
    • 60″ Black SJTW Water Resistant VW-1 OR FT1 105° C 300V 18AWGX3C UE-321
    • 150W
    • 120V
    • 12V & 15V
    • Up to 10 gauge wire
    • Secondary: (1) 7.5A Magnetic Circuit Breakers; Primary: Automatic (auto reset) Thermal Breaker in core
    • ETL® Listed
    • 15.33″ height 5.5″ width 3.70″ depth
    • 10.0lbs