AMP® 300-Watt Slim Line LED Transformer

300W capacity with 12V & 15V output to simplify LED installations. Clamp-type connections - fast, easy, and robust. Stainless steel cabinet with hinged lockable door. Easy-to-set modular timer for sunset-to-sunrise operation, or for set-hours after sunset are additional options. Magnetic toroidal core. Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty. ETL® Listed. Patent Pending. 

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AMP® 300-Watt Slim Line LED Transformer

This low-profile transformer breaks ground in simplicity of installation and control. The clamp-type terminal blocks are impressively easy to use - taking seconds to connect - compared to the time for standard terminal blocks. Just insert the stripped wire and close the clamp!

Additionally available (sold separately) is the AMP® newly designed timer/photocell combination. When installed, it is visible through the housing window and can be set for simple dusk-to-dawn operation, or set to turn off after a certain number of hours. Photocell sensitivity may limit transformer placement. This timer is a removable module - easily replaced.

The Slim Line Transformers have an easily removable, tool-less grommet to replace the metal knock-outs of traditional transformers. Traditional knock-outs required tools and were difficult to remove. The grommets on the new Slim Line Transformers are removed easily and can be replaced if necessary.

The Slim Line Transformer is all you need for any small to large (up to 300W) AMP® LED system with no voltage loss.


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction with lockable hinged lid.
  • Listed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Toroidal core for reliable, efficient, cooler and quieter operation.
  • Low-profile housing for easier mounting and concealment.
  • Clamp-connects for easy, fast, and secure connections. Takes up to 10-gauge wire.
  • 60" 18 AWG SJTW water-resistant cord and plug set.
  • Hassle-free Lifetime Warranty (for both residential and commercial projects)
  • ETL® Listed
  • Patent Pending

For Your Information: Transformer Technology

Magnetic Transformers. There are two types. These vary by the type of core:

  1. Laminated/stacked cores (also known as EI type). Laminated or stacked windings have sheets wrapped in copper wire that are then stacked or laminated together to make a core. This is the more common, less expensive method for manufacturing a core. These are less efficient, run hotter, and are noisier than toroidal cores.
  2. Toroidal cores. These are one solid unit shaped like a donut and have the windings wrapped around the donut, in and out of the donut hole. Toroidal cores are more efficient, experience less buzz, and run cooler but are more expensive to make.

What are Electronic Transformers?

This transformer type converts the 120-volt current to 12 volts by first increasing the frequency of the current (from 60 Hz to as high as 20,000 Hz). The increased frequency allows the use of a miniature core enabling the transformer to be very small, light, and inexpensive. The biggest downside is that their high-frequency current may not be compatible with LED circuits. These currents also suffer from extensive voltage loss compared to magnetic types. A 12-volt electronic transformer must be positioned within about 10 ft. of the fixture. Electronic transformers are also subject to overheating and premature failure.

More Information
  • Non-brushed 304 stainless steel with removable cover
  • Stainless Steel
  • 60″ Black SJTW Water Resistant VW-1 OR FT1 105° C 300V 18AWGX3C UE-321
  • 300W
  • 120V
  • 12V & 15V
  • Up to 10 gauge wire
  • Secondary: (1) 25A Magnetic Circuit Breakers; Primary: Automatic (auto reset) Thermal Breaker in core
  • ETL® Listed
  • 15.33″ height 5.5″ width 3.70″ depth
  • 10.0lbs