Dichroic Filters – Care and Use

June 15, 2020August 10th, 2020No Comments

Orientation and Insertion

These filters should only be used in fixtures indicated in the product description page of the specific filters.

Before inserting the filters into the fixture, remove the plastic button on the center of the optics to get a better fit.

Notes on Colors

Some of the more saturated color dichroics show color shifts at the edge of the beam – all dichroics have this issue because the incident angle of the light source(s) determines the projected color.

Wider angle optics exhibit more color shift than do narrower optics since incident angles exiting the filter are wider. Having said this, the color shift (at the beam edges) in most cases is acceptable and may even be desirable since these saturated filters are mostly used to achieve dramatic effects.

If the colors are used for architectural features, then the color shift at the edges may not be acceptable.

Cleaning instructions

  1. Avoid depositing oil from your hands onto filters. Hold filters from the edges only.
  2. Blow loose dirt and particles from the surface of the filter using a lens puffer or canned air. If using canned air, blow the air at the lens from an oblique angle. Do not blow air from your mouth as you may deposit small particles.
  3. Apply isopropyl alcohol to a lint-free cotton swab or cloth and rub the filter’s surface in a circular motion, working from the center to edge. Gently apply pressure. Avoid rapid side-to-side motions.
  4. Use the puffer or canned air to evaporate excess alcohol from filter surfaces.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 above using a clean, lint-free cotton swab with each cleaning until all surface contamination is removed.
  6. To complete the cleaning process wipe filter surface using lens paper gently applying pressure.
  7. Return your filter to the original plastic case or envelope provided.


Store filters in a cool dry place individually in their plastic bags – or in a suitable storage case.

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