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Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental U.S.

Subtle Wall-Washing

June 16, 2020August 10th, 2020No Comments

Wall-washing is a lighting technique that involves illuminating a surface with uniform brightness. Wall washing draws attention to the wall and can be used to accentuate an entrance or to emphasize the architectural style of a building or hardscape. A wall wash effect eliminates shadows and highlights the texture, or smoothness, of a wall by flooding it with bright, evenly dispersed light. This helps to create an illusion of space and can make a property or living space feel bigger.

With their latest release, the engineering team at AMP® Lighting has released the perfect solution to wall-washing; the EquaPro Flood Light (Lamp-Ready).

Features & Benefits:

  • Solid cast brass construction for long-term durability
  • Pre-aged patina finish that will maintain its beauty overtime.
  • Utilizes G4 Bi-Pin lamp (sold separately)
  • UL & cUL Listed
  • Lifetime Warranty

Professional Techniques:

Architectural Wash Lighting – To use architectural wash lighting means to use lighting on walls, pillars and other aspects of the home’s architectural features. With a lamp-ready fixture such as the EquaPro, it’s important to consider how, depending on wall height and the desired effect, lamps can be selected for their beam spread and brightness to create the best fit. LED lamp selections can vary in degrees of angle and LED lamp wattage can also vary to create a softer or more intense light output. Generally, light fixtures are placed no closer than 12 inches from the wall being lit.

Shrub & Small Tree Wash Lighting – Softly washing hedges or low-lying plants is one of the best ways to create composition, balance and interesting symmetry. By utilizing even the littlest of features, the flow of the design will carry the eye from one feature to the next. Rather than only focus on larger, more noticeable pieces, surrounding areas can be softly lit to compliment the ‘center’ pieces. This approach allows a designer to complete the main objectives while also creating a much more visually appealing design.

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