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Introducing a New Modular Approach to Landscape Lighting with the HydraPro™ – a Waterproof, Cast-Brass, LED Module with Advanced Features

June 16, 2020June 6th, 2022No Comments

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AMP® Lighting, leading direct-to-professional manufacturer of landscape lighting products, announces today a new modular approach to landscape lighting. The approach uses a waterproof, cast-brass, LED module – the HydraPro™. This compact and durable unit features attachment points for the various mounting pieces needed for conversion to a well light, an in-grade light, and an underwater light.

Jesse Harper, Product Development Manager, discusses the thinking behind the modular approach, “For years, we created new products – each one distinctly different from each other. This was manageable when our product line was small; but now, with hundreds of new product variations, we are motivated to consolidate our product components. By creating a module that satisfies the performance targets of several products, we are now better able to maintain inventory, control cost, and (most importantly) keep prices low. These are results that are good for us and good for our customers.”

One of the most striking features of the new HydraPro™ module is the proprietary waterproof construction. While most underwater lights use thin o-rings or gaskets (and are prone to leaking), the new AMP® module incorporates a unique combination of hefty compression seals. A further measure is the use of conformal coating on the LED boards – specifically designed to protect the circuits from condensation.

Harper describes the module’s LED circuit components, “First, we selected the best high-output Cree® LEDs and integrated them into our proprietary driver circuitry. We wanted the module to deliver a very high light output (over 900 lumens) – mainly because underwater fixtures need extra light to punch through the water. The other HydraPro™ fixtures don’t need such a high level, so we incorporated AMP® ONE Technology® into the driver. This technology allows the designer to use our Design-Master™ remote control to adjust to the perfect light level.”

“We also understand the designer’s need to adjust beam angle – sometimes after they install the fixture. This is why we use interchangeable optics – they range from a 12º narrow spot to a 60º wide flood. We believe all three HydraPro™ fixtures represent the best performing and most reliable waterproof lights available anywhere.”

The new module is available in the following AMP® ONE fixtures: The HydraPro™ Well Light, the HydraPro™ In-Grade Light, and the HydraPro™ Underwater Light.

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