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Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental U.S

AMP®’s Revolutionary ‘No-Lead-Wire’ Fixtures

June 16, 2020September 1st, 2021No Comments

Since inception, AMP® has engaged in endless research and testing to stay in-tune with the latest and greatest trends in landscape lighting. The engineers at AMP® work diligently to understand what technology and services industry professionals need and desire the most. From quick, affordable purchasing to professional quality products simple enough for first-timers; they have continuously transformed the industry. With this latest release, AMP® has once again revolutionized how landscape lighting systems are designed and installed.

Zero-Lead-Wire System

Revolutionary Designs – The Zero-Lead-Wire System changes how professional lighting designers plan and design landscape lighting layouts. When hub system fixtures can act as junction hubs for connecting multiple fixtures and hub fixtures are easily interchangeable, the creative design possibilities are endless.

Simplified Installs – Minimal, straight-forward assembly of components. Clamp-connectors are quick and secure; no more silicon residue when making wire connections. You can save time and money on supplies; no cable is wasted when you can cut-to-length.

Maximum Accessibility – From expanding your current system, troubleshooting an issue or doing simple maintenance; secure wire connections can be made quickly with easy access to the hub housings.

Professional Landscape Lighting with AMP®

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