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Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental U.S.

AMP®’s Beautiful Brass Bollards

June 16, 2020September 9th, 2021No Comments

There are two ways to make landscape lighting beautiful. First, reveal beauty already present in the landscape. Second, create new beauty through the use of light and shadow. This second method is at the heart of the artistry of a lighting designer. The simplest way to accomplish this beauty; decorative area lights.

AMP® recently announced the introduction of a new series of decorative path and area lights. These decorative area lights are eye-catching luminaires; beautiful during the daytime and at night. When lit, the fixtures project compelling patterns of light and shadows to help set the mood and provide ambiance.


AMP’s® tower bollard lights showcase how effective designs can create impressive visual elements in landscape lighting design. The artistic combination of light and shadows can add flair and wonder to virtually any nighttime scene. AMP® bollard lights can be installed directly in landscapes through the use of ground stakes, and they can also be installed onto solid surfaces such as patios and decks through the use of screws and anchors; making them highly dynamic for a variety of artistic lighting applications.

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