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Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental U.S.

AMP® Lighting Introduces AMP® ONE Technology™ – a New Approach to Give Simplified Light Level Control to Landscape Lighting Designers

June 16, 2020September 9th, 2021No Comments

AMP® Lighting, manufacturer and supplier of professional-quality landscape lights, announces the successful introduction of AMP® ONE Technology™. This patent-pending invention was developed to give landscape lighting designers the freedom to adjust light levels to precisely match lighting needs.

The technology includes a proprietary dimming circuit located in each AMP® ONE lighting fixture. Controlling that circuit is the AMP® Design-Master™ Remote Control. The lighting designer can use any of 5 pre-set light levels or can adjust the light level up or down in 2% increments. Once set, the light level is stored in the circuit memory.

Stephen Parrott, AMP® Communication Director, explains the benefits of AMP® ONE Technology™, “Landscape lighting designers have always recognized the need for controlling light levels to achieve the objectives of their designs. But until recently, they had few options – either selecting fixed brightness lamps – or employing complicated dimming systems. Now, with AMP® ONE Technology™, designers have dimming control that works right of the box – no programming or set-up required.”

The AMP® ONE approach is the only one that uses a simple infrared remote control (similar to TV remotes) to directly set the light level at each fixture. Other systems are more complex.

Parrott explains, “’Smart Home’ technology is great for indoor lighting, but its use in landscape lighting has had disappointing results. The problems include the time and training needed to install and program the systems, the reliance on wireless connections, and cost.

“When you install an AMP™ ONE fixture and connect it to power, it is immediately ready to be dimmed using the Design-Master™ Remote Control – no programming or training is needed. Compare that to one of the wireless systems that require a full day of installation and programming and that needs a working wireless connection. Such a complex system is prone to cost overruns and user problems. I recently talked to a designer who installs these systems and refers to them as ‘constant headaches’. This is a case where a simple solution (like AMP® ONE Technology™) makes far more sense than something more complicated.”

Just as AMP® Lighting took a different (time and cost-savings) approach to light level control, they also shook up the lighting industry in their approach to distribution. Rather than position themselves as traditional suppliers to lighting distributors or reps, they took a more direct approach – direct distribution to professionals.

Parrott explains the direct-to-professional strategy, “Many professional lighting designers think the only way to get their spec-quality luminaires is through lighting representatives or distributors. They may not know that AMP® Lighting (a direct supplier) provides the same (or better) quality fixtures (and world-class customer support) at a far lower price. I suggest they look at this price difference and make an honest calculation as to whether or not their current suppliers can justify the added cost for their services.”

According to a company spokesperson, AMP® ONE Technology™ is only one of many innovations that AMP® Lighting plans to bring to the landscape lighting industry. As inspiration for their new products, they point to ongoing feedback from some of the industry’s best lighting designers. These designers, designated as Authorized AMP® Pros, are members of a growing elite group of lighting professionals. They enjoy the use of AMP’s sales and marketing resources as well as exclusive access to view pricing and purchase the products.


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