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Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental U.S.

AMP® Introduces Soft-Wash Pro™ Hardscape Fixtures with 360° Rotational Design

June 15, 2020August 13th, 2020No Comments

AMP® Lighting, the industry-leading landscape lighting manufacturer, announces the launch of Soft-Wash Pro™, a new series of uniquely different hardscape fixtures.

Known for their innovations in exterior illumination, AMP® Lighting once again impresses with the revolutionary 360° fully-rotatable design of their new Soft-Wash Pro™ hardscape lighting fixtures. This innovation allows for precise aiming and custom application fitting. Michael Breedlove, Director of Innovation and Manufacturing, explains., “The rotation feature is an ideal addition to this product and will not jeopardize the traditional mounting options associated with hardscape lighting. AMP® engineers worked to ensure the design remained compact and compatible with traditional brackets and other applicable mounting systems.”

In addition, AMP’s® Soft-Wash Pro™ utilizes integrated, 4-step binned LED chips for color consistency and longevity. These LEDs are encapsulated in resin for protection against moisture, thermal shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and other potential dangers associated with outdoor applications. The color temperature of the light output is a 2700K (soft white) which is the most widely preferred for residential lighting applications. The tightly-spaced positioning of the LEDs and resin encasement allows for even illumination with no hot spots, a highly important feature of lighting design.

As with all AMP® quality products, the housing is constructed of solid brass with an antique bronze finish. The robust metal housing is highly durable, and will patina beautifully over time in virtually any outdoor setting. Professionals know AMP® brass fixtures are value-engineered and have a lifetime warranty.

Durable, low-profile, and efficiently powerful, AMP® Lighting’s Soft-Wash Pro™ rotatable, linear LED hardscape lights are designed and built to set new standards in exterior lighting. To learn more visit,

To learn more, visit: Soft-Wash Pro™ Rotatable Brass Hardscapes

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