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January 2022 Contractor of the Month is: Tropical Solutions 123

Tropical Solutions 123 is a local outdoor lighting company based out of Bradenton, Florida. We proudly serve the Sarasota-Bradenton area with a multitude of lighting solutions for all types of properties. Whether you're looking for shine, security, or a combination of both, we can make your lighting vision come to life!


Tell Us About Yourself & Your Company

Here at Tropical Solutions 123, we specialize in low-voltage landscape lighting and pool cage lighting. Additionally, we offer a maintenance plan. We only provide these services to focus on our current and future customers. Service and reliability are our strong points!

The Interview

  • How did you get into the landscape lighting business?

    I got started in the landscape lighting industry when I lived in New York, and I would help friends on the weekends. Then when I moved to Florida 4 years ago, I decided to start my own business. I love the faces and reactions my customers make when I turn those lights on for the first time in the evening!

  • What percentage of your business is landscape lighting/what other services do you provide (i.e.: landscaping, irrigation, electrical…)?

    Here at Tropical Solutions 123, we specialize in low-voltage landscape lighting and pool cage lighting. Additionally, we offer a maintenance plan. We only provide these services to focus on our current and future customers. Service and reliability are our strong points!

  • How long have you been installing landscape lighting?

    I’ve been installing landscape lighting for 10+ years.

  • What AMP products do you prefer to use? Which fixtures are your favorite?

    We prefer the AMP® PinnaclePro MR16 Spotlight (Lamp-Ready) and the AMP® VariantPro MR16 Spotlight (Lamp-Ready) for the up lights. For area/pathway lights AMP® 24” Brass Path Light (Lamp-Ready) is great, as well as the AMP® Silhouette LED Path & Area Light. We also like the AMP® HydraPro™ MR16 In-Grade Light.

  • What tips or tricks have you learned that have benefited your work from a design/installation perspective?

    That’s a great question, I’ve actually fabricated a few tools to make the job easier, and I also use some tools from my past career (auto body). Most importantly, I am not afraid of trying out new ideas. Even though I know that this new factor I'm introducing could potentially mess up/(set back) the project and that I can replace or repair it as needed. However, the gains from trying something new can be well worth the gamble.

  • Tell me about your sales process. How do you find your customers? What is your sales process? Do you use sales tools such as a free demo…?

    I first listen to what my customers are asking for, and then I add my suggestions to do a great job. Above all, I always get back to people quickly. If you can do these things then good reviews will come your way. Google is the key, and it is where 60 percent of my customers find me. I will do demos, but most people do not ask me for them. This is because I usually come recommended by friends; the new customer trusts that their property will have the same quality look. Additionally, I like to walk the property with the customer to show them what I will light and why I am doing it.

  • Where do you find inspiration for your lighting designs?

    Most of my inspiration comes from the desire to deliver an end product that makes people smile and want to tell their friends all about it. I belong to a few groups and the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP). I also do online seminars via zoom and chat with other professionals for inspiration.

  • What do you feel is the most personally rewarding part of installing a lighting system for a client?

    I just love it when my customers are so happy and amazed at what they have been missing about their beautiful landscape at night.

  • Tell us a little bit about you personally: What do you like to do outside of work? What are your hobbies?

    There is a lot that I like to do versus what I actually get to do lol. I enjoy flying as a recreational hobby, I currently hold a private pilot certification. I am also an avid snowboarder; I try to get that in when I travel up north or out west when the time is right. Most importantly I enjoy spending time with my family and friends!

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