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Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental U.S

October 2023 Contractor of the Month is: Mega Beard Landscaping

Mega Beard Landscaping specializes in construction, landscaping, irrigation, low-voltage lighting, outdoor living spaces and much more.


Tell Us About Yourself & Your Company

Mega Beard Landscaping stands as a beacon of unwavering commitment to excellence in landscape and construction services. With over five decades of experience, we have evolved into a trusted partner in transforming visions into reality, enriching communities, and leaving an indelible mark on the ever-changing canvas of our world.

The Interview

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  • Can you tell us about your business?

    I have been with MegaBeard for 2 ½ years but have been in this industry for 30 years creating beautiful outdoor living spaces for our customers.

  • How did you get into the landscape lighting business?

    I have done lighting in the past throughout the years but it became a larger request as time went on and started really falling back in love with lighting when I was introduced to AMP.

  • What percentage of your business is landscape lighting/what other services do you provide (ie: landscaping, irrigation, electrical…)?

    I would say that lighting is not the largest division we work in but it has become a growing area with us as we start taking on larger and larger projects.

  • How long have you been installing landscape lighting?

    I have been installing lighting for around 30 years on and off based on the customer request. With LED becoming more popular and accessible it has increased the demand for lighting.

  • What AMP products do you prefer to use? Which fixtures are your favorite?

    Bring on the COLOR. I love the color changing fixtures that allow me to create a classic look or switch it up and get creative with all the effects the AMP ControlPro offers.

  • What tips or tricks have you learned that have benefited your work from a design/installation perspective?

    Lenses and placement. Learning how to reduce glare and position fixtures correctly makes all the difference. Being able to create beautiful lighting without noticing the source and fixtures brings it all together.

  • Tell me about your sales process. How do you find your customers? What is your sales process? Do you use sales tools such as a free demo…

    We provide past results and examples of what we have done for other customers and clients. Walking through the home and understanding the customers needs has really helped me not only bring the customer what they need but find the gems they didn’t know they wanted.

  • Where do you find inspiration for your lighting designs?

    I have been installing lighting for a long time so just understanding the lay of the land and what your canvas is for lighting brings me a lot of inspiration. Speaking with other industry professionals and viewing the AMP Catalog has also helped introduce new lighting ideas.

  • What do you feel is the most personally rewarding part of installing a lighting system for a client?

    The most rewarding part of lighting is watching your customer turn the lights on for the first time and walk the property in awe. Its almost like we have dropped them into a whole new world. Watching them explore the new areas we opened with lighting and having them experience the beauty firsthand will always bring me joy and happiness.

  • Tell us a little bit about you personally: What do you like to do outside of work? What are your hobbies?

    I like to work hard play hard. Hanging out with friends and family, cooking, and learning new things.

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