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Free ground shipping on all orders in the continental U.S

December 2023 Contractor of the Month is: Complete Access

Complete Access is a hands on design/builder specializing in custom work, existing home remodeling and refurbishment, as well as ADA-compliance consultations and accessible construction for people with disabilities and senior citizens.


Tell Us About Yourself & Your Company

I suppose my love for light first flickered inside me as a young boy taking in sunrises, sunsets and other extraordinary scenes lit by nature. My first professional lighting endeavors involved concert lighting for famous musicians all over the world. The fusion of light, music and the performers on stage really solidified within me the notion that spectacular lighting provides a powerful, emotional enhancement to any scene.

The Interview

  • Can you tell us about your business?

    Complete Access, established in 1997, essentially has two main thrusts. We provide keen oversight to, and steward projects for special medical needs trusts and individuals with disabilities in the matters of accessibility, access modifications & construction and public accommodation per ADA (and Title 24) statutes. In addition, David Griffin, Complete Access' co-founder and RMO, is a renown design/build contractor carrying out exacting residential remodeling and additions for discerning, high net worth clientele.

  • How did you get into the landscape lighting business?

    I've been passionate about landscaping lighting for as long as I can remember. As the projects we undertake include our engagement as the primary designers, when outdoor work is part of the job, naturally, we take command of the lighting design.

  • What percentage of your business is landscape lighting/what other services do you provide (ie: landscaping, irrigation, electrical…)?

    With regard to every design/build project we undertake (as well as with the projects on which we have oversight) we immerse ourselves completely in the design, selection and installation of all lighting. Complete Access involves itself in "everything" related to a particular project. From design to the procurement of all goods and materials, to the meticulous integration and installation of it all.

  • How long have you been installing landscape lighting?

    I think I set outdoor lighting when I bought my first home in the early 1970s.

  • What AMP products do you prefer to use? Which fixtures are your favorite?

    I have full faith in the quality and reliability of every AMP product. While each project has a different component mix depending upon the size and application, I source it all from AMP. I love how it all goes together. I would say my only gripe is that many of the light fixtures only come with 4' wires. If they all came with 25' wires then ganging and integration would be easier and save my clients money in both time and connectors. But, short wire runs don't discourage me from selecting a fixture that only comes with a 4' lead if it is the best fixture for the area to be lit.

  • What tips or tricks have you learned that have benefited your work from a design/installation perspective?

    I've learned so much over the years so it's hard to distill that down to one excellent tip. But, if I am to offer up only one suggestion, clearly it is to encourage all pros who source through AMP Lighting to avail themselves to the genius and care with design, configuration, materials' list and load calcs provided by Zach and his team.

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Contact Zach Evensen at: zache@amplighting.com

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