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Colored Dichroic Lens Filters (2 inch)

This series of colored dichroic lens filters are made from high-quality non-fading dichroic glass. Choose from 7 vibrant colors for holidays, accents, and special effects.

Fits AMP® ONE ControlProTM 300 spotlights and AMP® ControlPro 200 Downlights.
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Dichroic Color Lenses (2")

This series of Dichroic Color lenses provide a variety of colors to achieve a range of lighting effects. The glass and coatings used in these filters are of the highest quality, and they will never fade or change color.


Purple Fusion. Used for dramatic effects to elicit romantic, mystical, or bold feelings. When projected on plant material, the effect can be dreamlike. On statuary, the effect can be otherworldly. On architecture, the effect can make a bold statement to shock, surprise, or inspire. Bold colors like this can be added to draw attention (or add energy) to an event such as a wedding or birthday party.

Candlelight Orange. Changes the color of the light making it much warmer - similar to candlelight. This light can be effective for romantic settings, or for warm accents on statuary or architectural features such as inside pergolas or cuppolas.

Sky Blue. This filter is used when a blue color is needed for a holiday or other special effect application. Dramatic effects can be achieved with this filter for backlighting columns, statuary, and water features.

Rich Red. This filter is used when a red effect is needed - most commonly used for holiday or other special effect applications.

Indigo. This lens is excellent as a backlight for statuary or architectural features. It produces an etherial or otherworldly feeling, and can add emotional depth to a design.

Amber. Commonly used as a warm accent or fill light on statuary and architectural features. A common approach for statuary would be to use a white light as the key light, amber light to fill shadowed areas, and blue light as a backlight. Amber is also effective as a backlight for columns or for inside cuppolas.

Leafy Green. This lens is used when a green effect is needed or for a holiday or other special effect application.

Fits the following AMP® 2" integrated LED fixtures

   AMP® ONE ControlProTM 300 spotlights

   AMP® ControlProTM 200 Downlights

Care & Use

These dichroic filters are durable but care should be taken in their handling. Especially important: When inserted into AMP fixtures that have interchangeable optics, the center button of the optic needs to be removed before inserting the filter.

More information available in the article, Dichroic Filters - Care and Use.


Pictured colors are photographs of 2700K light projected through lens on white paper. Your perception of these colors may vary depending on your computer monitor or viewing device. Actual colors perceived in the field will vary according to the color and reflective qualities of the illuminated surface.

Note: Dichroic filters work by reflecting non-wanted colors back into the fixture while allowing desired colors to pass through. This results in a brightness reduction that could be significant. Be sure to test dichroic filters on critical applications before specifying for an entire project.

More Information
  • Made in USA
  • Durable borafloat glass with highest quality coatings
  • 2"
  • 1.75 mm (0.069")
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