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Traditional Restoration

Traditional Restoration

Upon viewing this recently renovated home and meeting with our clients it was clear that we were to design | build a new landscape and professional lighting package that would complement both the architectural style of this traditional home as well as our client’s lifestyle and design preferences.

The entire house was renovated with top quality materials and finishes. Installation of the diamond cut Sylvester Palms, Italian Cypress Trees and large silver Odorata Bromeliads created a beautiful and exotic setting at the front of the home. Implementation of AMP Lighting’s timeless and weathered brass fixtures was a perfect pairing to illuminate the architectural elements of this property.

The gardens and pathway were lit using the MagnumPro with 10” hats + 6” extensions and the up-lighting and wash were created using the AccentPro spotlight series.

Design by Todd Erickson (AMP® Pro), Campus Landscape, Tampa, FL


AMP® products to achieve these effects

  • AMP® AccentPro MR16 Spotlight (Lamp-Ready)

    Designed for LED MR16 lamps, brass, adjustable glare guard, lifetime warranty.