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Stacked Stone Colonial

Stacked Stone Colonial

This modern colonial house was illuminated with AMP ControlPro Spotlights to accentuate the texture of the stacked stone facade. In addition, the designer positioned these lights to illuminate the peaks to preserve the shape of the structure. Spotlights were also used to uplight trees on the property.

The second type of lights are AMP integrated LED path lights. These were skillfully positioned along path and entryways to enable residents and visitors to safely navigate the property.

Perhaps the most compelling technique used was the downlighting that originates from AMP downlights mounted in the tree on the right side of the property. This light projects through the leaves producing a dappled shadow pattern on the driveway and garage evoking a nighttime mood such as engendered by real moonlight.

Design by Chris Ursetti (AMP® Pro), Budget Lightscapes, Cleveland/Akron Ohio Area. Call (216) 406-1900 or (440) 823-3917.


AMP® products to achieve these effects