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Illumination for a Spanish-Style Florida Estate

Illumination for a Spanish-Style Florida Estate

This Spanish-style home features an arcade (columns spanned by arches). The designer used lighting to accentuate the structure, uplighting columns and the undersides of the arches. There is enough reflected light off these elements to illuminate both the inner walkway and the region extending into the drive.

Reflected light is an excellent source of illumination when a natural and soothing effect is desired.

Design by Rick Bequette (AMP® Pro), Brilliant Nights, Tampa, FL


AMP® products to achieve these effects

  • AMP® MagnumPro™ Path & Area Light (Lamp-Ready)

    The AMP® MagnumPro™ Path & Area Light (Lamp-Ready) features cast-brass durability and lifetime warranty. Socket accepts AMP® G4 Bi-Pin lamps.