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AMP® Lighting Launches New Lens & Filter Binder for Landscape Lighting Designers

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Tampa, Florida | August 8, 2016

AMP® Lighting, a direct-to-professional manufacturer of premium landscape lighting products, announces the launch of the industry's first Lens & Filter Binder - a storage and transport tool for the professional landscape lighting designer and installer.

Steve Parrott, Communication Director, explains the origin of the new product, "Many landscape lighting designers and installers use a variety of glass lenses and filters to alter the effects of their lighting projects. Our company sells these fragile products and we do a good job packing them carefully to avoid damage during shipping. However, upon arrival at the job site, these lenses are unpacked and transported throughout the property. Some lenses are also transported back to the main office. It is this back-and-forth transport that can result in damage or loss. The Lens & Filter Binder is the solution to this problem."

While this product has the appearance of being a simple notebook with pocketed pages, there was a great deal of thought and innovation in its creation. Parrott comments on the challenges of the binder project, "The first challenge was to find the perfect pocketed pages of the right materials. No one makes clear pocketed pages specifically for 2" and 3" glass lenses. We had to custom-make these pages."

"The second challenge was to keep the lenses in the pockets after insertion. These binders will be jostled about during transport and the lenses too easily slipped out of their pockets. The final solution was to use small circular stickers that could be applied to secure the pocket openings. These stickers needed to be removed easily without leaving a residue. Additional rectangular stickers serve as a way to label each individual filter. Every binder includes extra pages of these stickers."

One of the most important uses of the binder is to store color dichroic filters. Early on in the development of the binder, the team noticed that when pages of color filters were stacked in the binder, it was impossible to see the filter colors because the pages beneath obscured them. The solution was to insert a white piece of paper between each filter page - that made it easy to see each filter's color.

A similar challenge was encountered when frosted and diffusion lenses where inserted in pockets. Some were nearly impossible to see against the white paper. The solution to that problem was to imprint fine graph lines on the paper. Diffusion filters blur these lines making them more easily seen.

Parrott concludes, "While the lens and filter binder presented many challenges in its design and construction, we believe it will be recognized as an indispensable tool for every landscape lighting professional."

AMP® Lighting continues an aggressive program of product development intended to meet the needs of their professional landscape lighting customers.

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