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LED PAR36 (Halogen Replacement)

LED PAR36 lamps featuring a wide array of beam spread, color temperature, and wattage options. 

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LED PAR36 Lamps (Halogen Replacement)

These high-performance LED lamps are designed for use in enclosed landscape lighting fixtures - especially useful for well lights. Direct replacements for halogen PAR36 bulbs with similar light levels using only a fraction of the power consumption. Fully encapsulated to keep moisture out makes these lamps great alternatives to typical halogen PAR36s. It has the industry's only lifetime warranty.


• Saves 85% energy cost (replaces Halogen PAR36)

• Thermally engineered for operating in enclosed landscape lighting fixtures.

• IP68 - designed for withstand harsh outdoor environments.

• Wide input voltage 6-18VAC, with decreased lumens under 11V.

• 40,000 hour life (L70)

• Lifetime Warranty (Residential), 10 Years (Commercial)

More Information
  • 5 Watts/6 Watts/9 Watts/13 Watts
  • (Refer to Spec Sheet in Downloads)
  • 35º or 60º
  • 2700K or 3000K
  • 40,000 hours
  • 6-18VAC, with decreased lumens under 11V
  • Lifetime Warranty (Residential), 10 Years (Commercial)
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