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It's Renovation Season

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Renovation Season

Summer is finally upon us. Summer grants homeowners the free time and good weather to take on those home improvement projects that have been bumping around their brains since the new year began. Of the latest and greatest home-improvement trends, revitalizing and upgrading outdoor living spaces is among the most popular. Due to this quickly growing trend, professionals in both the hardscape and landscape industries are receiving more requests for residential projects every day. Unique outdoor features such as decks, firepits, and kitchens help enhance and expand the living spaces of homes.

In addition to the unique skillsets involved with these major outdoor home improvement upgrades, many professional contractors also offer additional services to complement their work. Low-voltage LED landscape lighting, in particular, is quickly rising as a popular sub-trend to outdoor living designs.

Why Recommend Landscape Lighting?

  • Crisp, evenly dispered light output.
  • Efficient power consumption.
  • Affordable technology designed for longevity.
  • Effective way of revitalizing the nightscape of a client's home.
  • Extends the outdoor living spaces of a home during the night.

  • Upon completion of specialty work, professional contractors can recommend landscape lighting so that homeowners can enjoy the beauty of their investments throughout the night. Through the use of sleek, premium quality fixtures, professional lighting designers can enhance the look and feel of a home and property whether it be for lifestyle or for activities.

    Summer Lighting Ideas:

    Hardscape Lighting

    Hardscape Lights

    Hardscape lighting involves using existing structures to highlight patios, walkways, walls, pergolas, gazebos, outdoor firepits and much more. Linear bar lights, deck lights, and recessed step lights are typically used. When strategically placed, these landscape lights can provide subtle illumination to enhance the ambiance of any outdoor entertainment area.


    Spotlights & Path Lights

    A more traditional route is installing spotlights and path lights around the perimeter of a patio. This is a simple and sure-fire solution for providing illumination for outdoor entertainment areas. Spotlights do well to highlight landscape and architectural feature to enhance the ambiance. They can also provide subtle, ambient area light depending on the layout.

    Path and area lights are ideal for providing 360-degrees of illumination for patio entry points, walkways, and seating areas. Using a combination of the two can increase the overall comfort and beauty of your patio; making it much more inviting for friends and family.