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Indiana Illumination for a Traditional Brick Home

Indiana Illumination for a Traditional Brick Home

A beautiful home in the midwest, this brick traditional-style home features masonry blocks that define the edges of the structure. The designer selectively illuminated these blocks and the brick facing between them.

The designer also made extensive use of tree lights to provide a natural dappled light in the yard and driveway - achieving a beautiful moonlight effect.

Design by Tim Ryan (AMP® Pro), Lite-4, Indianapolis, IN.


AMP® products to achieve these effects

  • AMP® ONE InsetPro™ LED In-Grade Light (Louvered) (Dimmable)

    Dimmable: Advanced solid cast-brass water-proof in-grade fixture for high-traffic applications. Dimmed by Design-Master™ Remote Control.Includes Solid Cast Brass Trim Ring