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How Installing Landscape Lighting Can Expand Your Current Business

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Expanding Your Business

Landscape Lighting as A Supplemental Service

Whether your business specializes in landscape design, custom patio pavers, swimming pools, or any other outdoor home-improvement industry, you too can benefit from installing low-voltage landscape lighting. Offering lighting packages as an additional service to clients is a “bright” idea for adding versatility and value to your business model. Many customers often request additional services such as lighting with the intent of completing an outdoor space to the fullest extent (spaces such as outdoor kitchens, firepits, etc.). Of course, while wearing multiple ‘hats’ may keep your head warm, spreading your assets too wide may diminish the overall quality of your work. Even if you are unable to provide a lighting service yourself (including installation and maintenance), you should consider partnering with a preferred vendor. Involving a local professional who specializes in the lighting would benefit you by not having to manage maintenance calls and possibly prevent you from having to do the installs depending on your partnership. Either way, offering professional outdoor lighting is a great way to earn more profit.

Expanding Your Business

Landscape Lighting as A Stand-Alone Service

There are many businesses today which specialize solely in installing low-voltage outdoor lighting. If you are interested in getting started in the landscape lighting industry as a separate service offered by your business, it’s quite easy. Already having a pre-established business model, you know your target market and already have existing clients, you should already have a marketing plan in place, and --given the factory direct pricing provided by AMP—no additional capital is really needed for startup. The most important thing for adding the service to your catalog would be to do your research; determine the knowledge needed to properly adapt lighting fixtures to your primary skillset to maintain your professional designs. Look into certifications in your area, state, or at the national level and be sure to verify local ordinances to ensure your installations are still up-to-code with the new additions. Lastly, make sure to shift your marketing strategy to include details and visuals about your new and exciting service.

Overall, landscape lighting is a quick and simple way of expanding your business services and increasing revenue. Outdoor lighting increases comfort and enhances ambiance which will add the finishing touch to virtually any of your outdoor projects. For homeowners, this translates into great satisfaction and extending the time that they can spend enjoying their outdoor space. The more clients you leave satisfied, the more advocates you gain and the larger your business will grow.

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