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How Deck Lighting Benefits Your Bottom Line

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Why Deck Lighting adds LTV to your bottom line...

Modern, edgy patio and landscape layouts are becoming increasingly popular must-haves for homeowners who are in the process of remodeling. Essentially, consumer demand has shifted to include upgrading the exterior of a home for comfort as well. Today’s homeowners want to create outdoor areas that offer ambiance environments for entertaining or relaxing. Due to this quickly growing trend; professionals in the patio, paver, and landscaping industries are receiving more requests for residential projects every day. Unique outdoor features such as decks, firepits, and kitchens help enhance and expand the living spaces of homes.

In addition to the unique skillsets involved with home improvement upgrades, many professional contractors also offer supplemental services to complement their work. Low-voltage LED landscape lighting, in particular, is quickly rising as a popular sub-trend to outdoor lifestyle features.

Why Recommend Landscape Lighting?

  • Crisp, evenly dispersed light output.
  • Efficient power consumption.
  • Affordable technology designed for longevity.
  • Effective way of revitalizing the nightscape of a client’s home..
  • Extends the outdoor living spaces of a home during the night.

Upon completion of the trades-work, professional contractors can recommend landscape lighting so that homeowners can enjoy the beauty of their investments throughout the night. Through the use of sleek, premium quality fixtures; professional lighting designers can stealthily enhance the look and feel of a home and property whether it be for lifestyle or for activities. Deck lights, in particular, are compact, versatile fixtures that are highly sought after by homeowners for a variety of residential applications. Properly placed deck lighting can provide subtle lighting where desired in landscaping to enhance outdoor living experiences for homeowners.

Professional Techniques

Whether mounted on posts or positioned on rails - deck lighting helps to illuminate entertainment areas and wash nearby landscaping in soft light. Deck lights are also mounted on patios to provide lighting for outdoor seating areas or on outdoor kitchens. They serve many functional purposes such as lighting up a barbecue area on a summer evening.

“By installing deck lighting on the front of a client’s BBQ, I was able to create soft, accent lighting and accomplished exactly what the client was looking for,”

- Matt of Arizona Proscapes INC.

Through the use of deck lights, designers can create fully-functioning entertainment areas for clients to entertain guests. The subtle lighting provided by deck lighting enhances vibrant colors in landscapes and helps create a casual, relaxed mood for outdoor spaces. While illuminating the aesthetic qualities of a client’s landscape, deck lighting can also provide security and enhance safety. Whether installed in outdoor staircases or mounted at property entry points, deck lighting can guide homeowners and guest safely around premises. Home safety and security is a growing trend amongst homeowners and landscape lighting is a simple and effective way in achieving this.


Professional lighting design services in the past employed classical halogen style fixtures and technology for landscape lighting projects. Halogen style systems have historically been inefficient on power-usage, unreliable in terms of longevity, and tedious to install. In turn, landscape lighting was generally limited to certain applications and uses. Thanks to advances in LED technology, modern designs emerge in neighborhoods every day and trends are constantly evolving. Today, an LED system is more commonly preferred than its antiquated counterpart for residential and commercial landscape lighting projects. Landscape lights utilizing LEDs offers clients the long-lasting efficiency they want, and the powerful light output that they need.

AMP® has a helpful page with tips for professional landscape lighting designers. For more information about how you can enhance your nighttime lifestyle with deck lighting and other landscape lights, be sure to visit