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Grow Your Business with Google Reviews

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Growing Your Business with Gooogle Reviews

Today’s contracting businesses survive and thrive based on customer reviews. Word-of-mouth referrals and online reviews have become a largely significant influence on how consumers make choices.

Business leaders know that great reviews make their companies instantly more credible and appealing. Good reviews increase your company’s ranking on Google’s map-based search listings and also other searching engines, which will increase the amount of leads that you receive. The question many contractors are asking is: How do I get more and better Google reviews?

Great reviews come from great service. It is important to remember that excellent service is not solely a product of technical knowledge and the ability to get the job done correctly. Your company can stand out as exceptional by improving clients’ overall experience of working with you. It starts with thinking about how you answer the phone and how your office staff interacts with customers over the phone. Its also about how your technicians interact with clients in-person; arriving on time and being patient, thoughtful, and thorough. Getting candid input from your customers is healthy for growing your business. Even if feedback is negative, when you turn negative feedback into motivation and make positive changes, then share the progress with your customers – it builds loyalty to your brand.

Ask for reviews to ensure that you hear from happy customers. Angry customers known that posting reviews is an easy and mostly anonymous way of venting frustrations. In contrast, happy customers are less likely to take the time to share their feelings, so providing reminders and motivation is essential. The more good reviews that you gather, the less impact one or two bad ones will have on your overall rating and impression.

Provide reminders.

Don’t expect reviews to come flying in and don’t wait on them; make it happen. There are plenty of ways to prompt customers to post reviews and it is important to use multiple methods simultaneously. The most common methods are:

  • Use software tools to continuously collect.
  • Follow-up with clients immediately via automated emails.
  • Give your technicians info cards to leave behind.
  • Reconnect with previous customers for reviews.

Should you respond to reviews? Definitely. You should set aside time each week to respond to both positive reviews and negative reviews. Responding to reviews from clients shows that they’ve have been acknowledged and appreciated.

Having numerous positive reviews about your business will be essential to your success in the industry.